Graphics and Illustrations

MENA Bloom deliverers highly engaging and visually appealing graphics and illustrations that reflect clients’ brand image and identity, helping them establish strong connection with audience, across multiple platforms. Whether online, social media engagement campaigns or on-air program posters and episodic; streaming visual content on website or interactive shorts for mobile applications. MENA Bloom designs in different sizes and formats nail down success through careful focus on fine details and pixel perfect results, following industry standards and guidelines of all platforms. The videos deliver key message, inviting audience for positive interactions, comments, clicks and participation, driving business objectives of building awareness, reach, engagement and revenue generation.

Awareness & Promotional Posters:

Aesthetic graphics and info with subtle effects and illustrations, capturing key details of brand and promotional  information, that create audience awareness and reach across multiple platforms through appointment to watch and connection with brand.




Audience Engagement Posters:

With depth in designs, MENA Bloom connects brands and audience together, through powerful, interactive, and highly engaging posts, delivering stories with emotions, and visuals across all platforms.  From On-air to ground, radio to snapchat, we have delivered graphical illustrations that kept audiences engaged and hyped around stories gaining views, shares, and interaction