Infographics and Motion Graphics

MENA Bloom delivers complexity with ease, making intricate and long details appear interesting and appealing to read. We design with purpose, using elements that convey message, meaning  and details; producing informative and engaging infographics for all domains and genres. From entertainment and sports to lifestyle and wellbeing, to political science and current affairs.

Depth of knowledge displayed artistically in simple and easy flows. Our high resolution graphics are perfect to print and stick to make office or study wall appear enlightening and intense. A compilation of interesting facts, figures, and moments from past, present and forecasts of future, featuring crispy details that creates moment of awakening for the audience.


Motion Graphics 

Our motion info-graphics are interesting blend of information and motion graphics ensures readers’ attention and involvement with the content. Our balanced motion graphics offer subtle animations and effects whilst maintaining focus to deliver critical information, interactive and engaging format that guarantees views and shares.