Saudia TV Online Campaign -“You Deserve Love Saudia”

Saudia TV campaign new Grid

The Client

Saudia TV Channel contacted MENA Bloom to provide support with regards to the launch of its new campaign “#تستاهل_الحب_السعودية” (“You Deserve Love Saudia”), which saw the introduction of new shows and a program grid for January 2021. 

MENA Bloom’s role was to devise a digital content strategy and social media campaign that would deliver the overall campaign message and promote the new grid in an impactful and memorable way, while also attracting a larger target audience to follow and engage with the content.


In order to successfully launch an impactful online and social media campaign, MENA Bloom devised a comprehensive strategy on Twitter for the “#تستاهل_الحب_السعودية” campaign, following thorough evaluation and research phases, conducted in a short span of one month, delivering: 

Social Media Strategy,  Content Development, Content Strategy, and Publishing Strategy 


Preparing the Campaign

  • A robust plan is the foundation on which the success of any campaign stands. That is why MENA Bloom initiated planning and understanding of the new program genres and the target audience.
  • Our team then conducted in-depth analyses with regards to the content offering, and identified content with the potential to drive promising results in terms of interaction and participation.
  • We also assigned specific teams of experts for each program genre, in order to ensure the creation of quality content and a sound overall strategy.
  • We then developed rich content for Saudia TV Channel that covered each phase of the campaign.
  • The team also measured and closely reviewed the performance of each program, as well as audience reactions to them, in order to devise a suitable content strategy and publishing schedule (that included quantities and priorities based on the program’s genre).

The work

The campaign content was delivered in two phases, a teaser and a revealer, followed by three stages of post-launch monitoring and optimization.

Teaser Campaign

  • The purpose of this phase of the campaign was to build a story, interest, and curiosity around the slogan “You Deserve Love Saudi Arabia,” and attract a large audience base to guess the slogan and share their views on the “worth” and “value” of love.
  • The teaser campaign utilized blurred footage, images, and content from program posters, program guides, and other visual elements, to build interest, excitement, and engagement levels.

Launch stage

  • Saudia TV Channel revealed a fresh new identity and program lineup through its launch campaign and a large-scale media release.
  • MENA Bloom’s special content task force was responsible for publishing (live) posts (in the form of videos, photos, and news pieces), each covering the launch party’s key moments and highlights.
  • Our work also focused on introducing the whole new range of exciting programs through social media posts featuring program info, news, promotional videos, posters, presenters, and the guide.
  • It additionally included infographics featuring program and content genres, with a focus on comedy, sports, and social, largely based on the interests of the audience on each respective social media platform.

Post-Launch Monitoring & Optimization

MENA Bloom’s dedicated content production team performed three stages of post-launch monitoring and optimization, to ensure Saudia TV’s goals and business objectives were being delivered with success, and to provide maximum support when it came to achieving its target. 

Program Follow-Up Phase

– During this stage, the team attended program seminars, as well as recommended and produced material that covered various episodes.

– A dedicated team was assigned to each program genre, to ensure program integrity and a unified personality across all content produced, which included informational and interactive material, videos, infographics, and photos. 

Content Study Stage

– During this phase of post-launch support, the dedicated content team meticulously analyzed the prime and priority programs that achieved high interaction and positive audience feedback (indicating higher output demand). The team allocated space for such high-demand content to ensure fair content coverage and publishing frequency.

– The team also recommended using celebrities and presenters as influencers, to achieve wider reach and higher levels of interaction with the content. It worked closely with Saudia TV to devise the influencer marketing strategy and to achieve remarkable results.

Content Recycling

Using the approach of content recycling, MENA Bloom’s content team repackaged program content from the channel’s shows into high performing social content, covering episodic summaries, highlights, and other key details from the program that ensured audience engagement and interaction on social media.


Creative Images

The Result

Duration: 1 month:

From 18th Dec 2020
– 20th Jan, 2021






-Info announcing the program course

Program promotion video
Covering the first episode of a program in public
Introducing the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman to his program
Coverage of the first episode of the “Al Mawqif” program.
Khaled Al-Sulaiman presents his new program at the launch event
Memories channel announces the new session
Poster of the Abdul-Aziz Men’s Program
The schedule of Saudi programs on the first day after the launch of the identity
تستاهل الحب السعودية

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