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travelling with shein

The Client

Shein ecommerce platform wanted to position its brand – and particularly its apparel product line – as the “one-stop destination” for adventurous vacationers.

In 2021, following a long period of lock-down measures (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) and as restrictions started to ease between countries, avid voyagers once again packed their bags and headed to their favorite destinations. 


To position Shein as the brand for adventurous vacationers, MENA Bloom formalized the strategy of “influencer marketing” incorporated with video production, to effectively spread the brand’s message, and ensure its positioning resonated with the target audience, making it easier to relate and connect with the brand.



The most challenging task of the strategy was selecting the right influencer who matched with the persona of Shein’s target audience. It also entailed identifying someone who was ready to travel and could do video shoots on the go, particularly during the immediate period following strict COVID-19 related safety measures, which made the process extremely challenging and costly. 

Overcoming Challenge

We overcame these challenges by devising a comprehensive strategy, initiating the process and finalizing the selection of three Influencers, Leen Marjan, Hadeel Marei, and Naeema, personalities who the target audience could relate to well.

  • Teaming up with the Shein and our chosen influencers, MENA Bloom’s marketing and video planning teams researched and set up a travel guide for the places where influencers showed willingness to travel to, amid COVID-19 related requirements and procedures.
  • Our team helped influencers plan their travel, manage their shopping list, and put together their backpacks by selecting products that would be essential to their journeys and relevant to their destinations – of course, following all precautionary measures of COVID-19 travel policy.
  • Practicing strict social distancing, our team organized a remote script with a detailed guide and storyboard of photos and videos that had to be produced throughout the journey.
  • The utmost effort was put into the styling of outfits and looks that would be needed by the influencers in every activity and location during their journey.
  • With limited shooting facilities, along with influencer self-recording and vlogging, the MENA Bloom team followed up on every shot and the implementation of scripts remotely, providing cost effective solutions to Shein.



  • MENA Bloom delivered one video that combined all three destinations that the three influencers visited. Catch a glimpse of their in the video below.
  • Each influencer had a travel expert who published travel videos on the influencer’s social media channels.
  • Simultaneously, videos were published on Shein’s Instagram channel to create synergy between what influencers were sharing, as well as to strengthen the connection between their journeys and the brand.


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