Future Blockchain Summit

Since February 2023, MENABloom has steered the social media presence of the groundbreaking event Future Blockchain Summit, which is powered by GITEX Global, overseeing content production and digital marketing, to elevate these remarkable shows in the digital realm from February until the end of October of 2023 by collaborating with its esteemed partner, DWTC (Dubai World Trade Center).

The Future Blockchain Summit is the largest Blockchain event in the MENA region that witnessed record-breaking participation for its sixth edition, attracting world-leading experts in crypto, blockchain, and Web3 over the course of 4 days at Dubai Harbour.

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B2B Event Social Media Marketing for Future Blockchain Summit 2023

The Work

MENABloom set new records for our groundbreaking event. Turning our content into a dazzling firework of innovation inspired by our commitment to infusing creativity into every piece of content has not only broadened our reach but has also left an indelible mark on the social media landscape, increasing engagement, acquiring exhibitors and businesses, and exceeding the target visitor number and the client’s expectations.

The Process

  • MENABloom’s marketing team worked on an accurate competitive analysis and market research in association with the creative team, which developed full-fledged content strategies for both organic and paid posts. 
  • MENABloom specialized a social media team, consisting of expert editors, graphic designers, and video editors, which managed the social media channels according to the event’s main marketing goals and themes, followed its performance, and then presented a monthly delivery report for our client.
  • MENABloom allocated a community management team dedicated to nurturing communities on social media platforms, which involved building and maintaining relationships with followers, engaging in conversations, and fostering a sense of community and event loyalty.
  • The digital advertising team at MENABloom managed many successful ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for these prominent events, achieving exhibitors and visitors acquisitions with high reach and engagement rates and with overachieving results, carefully crafted strategy that went online with DWTC marketing and sales acquisition targets.


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The Results


Of the traffic achieved for Future Blockchain Summit is organic.


Increase in the number of followers achieved


Conversions were achieved, exceeding the marketing target

Content Examples

B2B Event Social Media Marketing for Future Blockchain Summit 2023
B2B Event Social Media Marketing for Future Blockchain Summit 2023
B2B Event Social Media Marketing for Future Blockchain Summit 2023