The Client

Lenovo Saudi Arabia Lenovo Saudi Arabia aimed to boost awareness of its Lenovo Yoga laptop series, prompting MENABloom to spearhead an influencer marketing campaign featuring two prominent influencers. The team oversaw the creative content production, strategically designed to elevate engagement and highlight the innovation of these exceptional laptops tailored for content creators and lifestyle enthusiasts.

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#BeTheCreator: Influencer Marketing Campaign for Lenovo Saudi

The Work

MENABloom crafted an extensive content strategy to fulfill Lenovo’s goals via an imaginative influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, featuring two influential creatives, Badr AlHanaky and Walaa al Akeel, boasting substantial follower bases. 

The content took social media by storm, captivating millions across social media platforms. Furthermore, Lenovo noted impressive outcomes from the influencer marketing campaign.

The Process

  • MENABloom teamed up with esteemed partner Lenovo Saudi Arabia, bringing a burst of creativity to their campaign for the Lenovo Yoga 7 and Lenovo Yoga Slim 6 laptops. 
  • We enlisted the talents of 2 diverse influencers to showcase the groundbreaking features through engaging videos, stories, and reels. Our creative wizards meticulously crafted captivating content, overseeing the entire video production and posting process. 
  • The videos highlighted key features such as the sleek design, high-performance hardware, 4K OLED vision, graphics, Windows 11 operating system, and 11th Gen Intel® Evo processors.
  • In each post, Lenovo’s official accounts were tagged, and a cascade of hashtags like #BeTheCreator, #LenovoYoga, Yoga, and #كن_مبدعًا adorned the campaign. Also, our social media maestros at MENABloom not only orchestrated the campaign in alignment with Lenovo’s primary goal but also monitored its performance closely. 
  • The grand finale? A comprehensive delivery report, unveiling the campaign’s intricate details and numerical triumphs to Lenovo.
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Total Results




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