The Client

Honor KSA sought to increase awareness for their impressive Honor 90 devices and their new features through collaboration with 6 diverse influencers. To achieve this, MENABloom crafted an influencer marketing campaign, overseeing the creation of engaging content to boost audience engagement and spread awareness.

We provide you with a highly effective marketing campaigns that involves collaborating with the most popular influencers in GCC and the MENA region to promote your product, service, or brand.

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Boosting Honor 90 Series with Influencer Marketing Brilliance

The Work

MENABloom devised a comprehensive content strategy, leveraging the influence of 6 dynamic influencers: Zena Emad, Bin Khalid, Talal Al Malki (Viruss), Dyler, Khalid Al Shammari, and Amy Roko. The content generated went viral, reaching millions on social media platforms. Notably, Honor reported significant market shares and increased sales for the Honor 90 devices as a result of the influencer marketing campaign.

The Process

  • MENABloom collaborated closely with Honor Saudi Arabia, providing video content and executing an impactful influencer marketing campaign to highlight the Honor 90 event and innovative smartphone. 
  • 6 influencers from diverse backgrounds were invited to showcase the pioneering features of the devices through captivating videos, stories, and reels and the MENABloomers orchestrated the production process, ensuring seamless coordination with influencers. 
  • The creative team developed catchy content for videos, stories, and reels on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, coordinating the video production and posting process with the influencers.
  • Innovative videos spotlighted key features of the Honor 90, such as the Triple Rear Camera, Stabilization Mode EIS, Moving Photo, AI Photography, Super Wide Angle, Aperture, Multi-Video, Night Shot, Portrait Mode, Super Macro, Capture Smiles, and Solo Cut.
  • All posts published by MENABloom during the campaign prominently featured Honor’s official Instagram account and included hashtags such as #ShareYourVibe, #HONOR90 and #شارك_إبداعك were attached to all the posts that MENABloom published during the campaign.
  • The social media team at MENABloom diligently managed the campaign, aligning with the client’s primary objectives, monitoring performance, and delivering a comprehensive report to Honor KSA. The detailed report showcased the campaign’s success through numerical insights and results.
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Boosting Honor 90 Series with Influencer Marketing Brilliance
Boosting Honor 90 Series with Influencer Marketing Brilliance
Boosting Honor 90 Series with Influencer Marketing Brilliance