Honor’s TV and Social Media Marketing


The Client

Honor Saudi Arabia was looking to increase awareness and engagement towards its pioneering new devices, Honor 70 and Honor Magic4 Pro in Saudi Arabia among the tech audience, especially after launching the Honor 70 series in the Arab region at an eminent event on August 17th in Dubai, so MENABLOOM provided 360 content production and a digital marketing campaign in an integrated episode on Mustaqbal Tech Show, covering TV and social media influence.


  • Content Creation
  • TV Ads Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing

The Work

  • MENABLOOM developed a TV segment at Mustaqbal Tech show that airs on SBC channel weekly with three repeat times. 
  • The segment of 10 minutes and 6 seconds covered:
    • Product review in Mustaqbal Tech’s first episode of season 3 to promote Honor 70 and Honor Magic4 Pro.
    • Honor 70 launch event coverage and a special interview with Mr. Zhao Likun, CEO of HONOR, MEA.
  • The episode was aired on SBC Channel with three repeats, reaching high viewership.
  • The content was covered and adapted on different social media networks, achieving great impressions and engagement:
    • SBA’s Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram accounts.
    • Abdullah Alsabe’s Instagram and Twitter accounts (a tech influencer with a follower base of 6.6 million followers).

The Process


  • MENABLOOM coordinated the video production process, supporting the production company with accurate storyboards and shooting lists, including what Honor specifically needed to broadcast in front of the camera.
  • The content team provided the eminent tech brand with unique TV content powered by Honor Saudi Arabia to spread awareness about its new devices.
  • Through innovative practical trials in front of the camera, MENABLOOM showcased the important features in the Honor 70 and Honor Magic4 Pro: IMX800 image sensor, solo cut, dual video recording, multi video mode, PMW, AI privacy call, 66W super charge, and more.
  • MENABLOOM planned the outdoor segment to cover the Honor 70 launch event in Dubai, which included a special interview with Mr. Zhao Likun, CEO of HONOR, MEA.
  • MENABLOOM managed the social media campaign that included an online competition offering TV viewers the chance to win Honor new mobile handsets.
  •  The hashtags #HONOR70 and #HonorMagic4Pro were used in the 8 social media posts that MENABLOOM produced to be published during and after the episode.
  • The art team worked on two creative infographics, one about the Honor 70 and the other about the Honor Magic4 Pro, to help the target audience understand their features easily.
  • The social media team followed the performance of the episode’s social media coverage. They then presented a delivery report to Honor, including the whole results in detail.

The Results

7 60 K
Show Screen Views
39 1 K
Social Media Impressions
5 K
Video Views

The Results

1 K
Competition Participants

Examples of Influencers Content


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