The Client

Lenovo Saudi Arabia wanted to increase awareness and attendance to their outstanding Pop-Up store event in Riyadh Park and its new products with diversified popular influencers.

MENABloom developed an influencer marketing campaign with popular tech influencers and supervised the production of creative content in order to increase engagement and attendance towards the Pop-Up store and spread awareness about Lenovo’s innovative laptops for entrepreneurs and lifestyle enthusiasts. 


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Influencer Marketing for Lenovo Saudi’s Pop-Up Store Event

The Work

MENABloom developed a comprehensive content strategy to meet Lenovo’s objectives through a creative influencer marketing campaign with three tech influencers: Abdullah Al Sabe, Bader Alhanaki, and Bandar Bin Nawaf.

The content went viral and reached millions of social media audiences. In addition, Lenovo reported great attendance from the influencers marketing campaign. 

The Process

  • MENABloom provided the prominent partner Lenovo Saudi Arabia with video content and an influencer marketing campaign, promoting its event and innovative laptops, Lenovo Legion 5 series and the Lenovo Yoga 9.
  • The campaign invited three amazing technology influencers from different backgrounds to illustrate the devices’ pioneering features in front of the camera for the social media audience.
  • The creative team developed catchy content for videos, stories, and reels, coordinating the video production and posting process with the influencers.
  • The campaign helped the audience learn more about Lenovo’s Legion 5 laptops and the Lenovo Yoga 9 laptop.
  • Through innovative videos, MENABLOOM showcased the important features in the Lenovo Yoga: slim design, high-performance hardware, 4K OLED vision, graphics, and more, as well as the main ones of the Legion 5 series for gamers: intel i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX laptop GPUs, Coldfront 2.0, and FHD displays that flex up to 240 Hz refresh rates.
  • Lenovo’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts were mentioned in all the posts, and the hashtags #TeamLegion, #Legion5i, and #على_طبيعتك were attached to all the posts that MENABloom published during the campaign.
  • The social media team at MENABloom managed the campaign according to the client’s main goal, followed its performance, and then presented a delivery report to Lenovo, including the campaign’s results in detailed numbers.
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The Results





The Details


Abdallah Al-Sabe


Bader Al-Hanaki


Bandar Bin Nawaf

Bandar Bin Nawaf

Content Examples

Influencer Marketing for Lenovo Saudi’s Pop-Up Store Event
Influencer Marketing for Lenovo Saudi’s Pop-Up Store Event