The Client

The Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) launched “Live the Challenge”, the first TV e-sports championship show, targeting Saudi gamers and teams competing on television to win the show’s prize. The client requested to increase the show’s exposure among TikTok’s growing online gaming community.

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TIKTOK Challenge Campaign with e-Gaming Influencers

Tiktok Challenge

MENABloom developed a comprehensive Tiktok campaign strategy to meet the objectives of the SBA through:

  • A hashtag competition was created and promoted to the Tiktok community to offer them the chance to win special prizes by playing and posting their best games, showing their best skills and content.
  • The participants were offered the chance to get promoted and increase their accounts exposure, along with the chance to win three PlayStation 5 devices for the top three posts that had the highest engagement and likes.
  • Creating the campaign content and marketing strategy designed to attract a relative audience through:
    • Working with program presenters to record clips, inviting video gamers to submit a clip of themselves playing their favorite video game.
    • Developing content that increases awareness of the competition through different online channels.
    • Creating a marketing and content distribution plan with Saudi influencers.


When selecting influencers for this campaign, MENABloom chose influencers who:

  • Have a wide follower base in Saudi Arabia specifically, and the Gulf and Middle East regions on a broader level.
  • Exclusively create content around video games to reach the program’s targeted audiences.
  • Production of a video clip featuring TV presenters inviting participants to join the challenge.
  • Inviting influencers to record themselves while playing their favorite video games and publish the clips using a pre-defined hashtag.
  • Launching the campaign on Tiktok
  • Promoting the campaign on TV through a side window during the program’s airtime.
  • Creating Twitter campaigns to increase awareness of the campaign.
  • Producing a video clip to remind audiences of the campaign’s end date to encourage additional participation.
  • Promoting winners and announcing them on all social media channels.
process image

The Results