The Client

In September, Lenovo Saudi Arabia was looking to run a campaign that could increase awareness and engagement towards its pioneering Yoga Laptops for entrepreneurs, and lifestyle enthusiasts, so MENABLOOM developed a comprehensive strategy to meet Lenovo’s objectives through many services.

We provide you with a highly effective marketing campaigns that involves collaborating with the most popular influencers in GCC and the MENA region to promote your product, service, or brand.

Providing value to the audience by informing, educating, entertaining, or inspiring them, and ultimately achieving business objectives by delivering well-crafted content that effectively communicates its mission, values, and voice and builds a loyal and engaged audience.

We convey information in a more engaging and memorable way than traditional text or images to produce compelling and engaging videos that achieve our prominent clients' marketing goals and growth objectives.

The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”

The Work

MENABLOOM worked on a unique content production promoting the  Lenovo yoga series, and in the last few days, this great effort came to light through the creative content that went viral and reached hundreds of thousands of the social media audience. Through this case study, we will take you on a quick tour, showing the results that we achieved.

The Process

  • MENABloom produced the eminent tech brand with video content and an influencer marketing social media campaign, promoting the Lenovo Yoga series.
  • The campaign invited a diversified network consisting of seven lifestyle influencers to participate with the hashtag #lenovojustbeyou (#على_طبيعتك).
  • The creative team created content powered by Lenovo YOGA to boost all ambitions, mix passions, and give them the power and mobility to just be themselves.
  • MENABloom shot 7 videos for this campaign (a video for each influencer), and coordinated the video production process until the videos were published.
  • The social media team at MENABLOOM managed the campaign according to the client’s main goal and Instagram’s criteria, and followed its performance, then presented a delivery report to Lenovo, including the campaign’s results in detail.
  • Through innovative videos, MENABLOOM showcased the important features in the Lenovo Yoga: slim design, high-performance hardware, 4K OLED vision, graphics, audio, sustainability features and more.
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The Results








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Examples for "Just be you" Campaign

The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”
The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”
The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”
The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”
The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”
The Influencers Campaign With Lenovo “Just Be You”