Fintech Surge 2023

Starting in February 2023, MENABloom has guided the social media presence of the pioneering event Fintech Surge, powered by GITEX Global. We have overseen content production and digital marketing to enhance this noteworthy show in the digital landscape. This collaborative effort with our esteemed partner, the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), continued from February to the end of October 2023.

Fintech Surge is the MENA region’s unrivaled meeting place for global fintech leaders and in 2023, it saw the financial industry’s biggest tech revolutions in the fields of PayTech, InsurTech, RegTech, Wealth & Asset Management, and Digital Banking, presented by 100+ globally leading financial services companies and the most disruptive startups.

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Revolutionizing Fintech Surge 2023 Event Social Media Marketing

The Work

We promoted engaging content, supported the event’s marketing with promotional material, and raised awareness about agenda details. MENABloom’s collaborative live coverage plan included streaming key sessions, live tweeting, recording testimonials, and sharing various content during the event. Post-event, we created video recaps, shared testimonials, thanked participants, and highlighted the events’ importance in the tech market and networking opportunities.

The Process

  • MENABloom’s marketing team conducted meticulous competitive analysis and market research in collaboration with the creative team. The creative team devised comprehensive content strategies for both organic and paid posts that were carefully crafted to align with DWTC’s marketing and sales acquisition targets, resulting in overachieving results.
  • MENABloom established a dedicated social media team of expert editors, graphic designers, and video editors. This team managed the social media channels in alignment with the event’s primary marketing goals and themes. They monitored performance metrics and provided a monthly delivery report for our prestigious client.
  • MENABloom assigned a community management team specifically tasked with nurturing communities on various social media platforms. This involved building and sustaining relationships with followers, engaging in conversations, and fostering a sense of community and event loyalty.
  • MENABloom’s digital advertising team executed numerous successful ad campaigns on platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for this prominent event. The campaigns achieved high exhibitor and visitor acquisition rates, coupled with impressive reach and engagement metrics. 
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The Results


Of the traffic achieved for Fintech Surge is organic


Increase in the number of followers achieved


Remarkable growth in the number of posts published


Impressive increase in reach across all platforms


Conversions were achieved, exceeding the marketing target

Content Examples

Revolutionizing Fintech Surge 2023 Event Social Media Marketing
Revolutionizing Fintech Surge 2023 Event Social Media Marketing
Revolutionizing Fintech Surge 2023 Event Social Media Marketing