International Influencer Marketing Campaign for English Saudi TV Channel

International influencers campaign

The Client

SBA (Saudi Broadcast Authority) launched a Saudi TV Channel that aimed to provide a service for all Muslims in the world to watch Hajj Rituals and Islamic documentaries in English language during Hajj season 2022. MENABloom worked onan international influencer campaign that serves SBA marketing objectives to reach Muslims around the world.

The Work

In this campaign, MENABLOOM was responsible for the following:

  • Inviting 10 global influencers with a 19.4 million follower base to participate in this campaign.
  • Creating 52 different posts that were published among these influencers’ accounts from July 7th to July 12th
  • Producing 9 different videos were prepared and produced with influencers to talk about the campaign and invite people to participate.
  • Producing and publishing SBA’s video of the Eid prayer.
Hajj 2

Saudi TV Campaign Results

1 M
Views of the live broadcast
15,00 10
10 K
Youtube Subscribers

Campaign Results:

0 M
Video views
10 %
Engagement Rate
10 K

Examples of Influencers Content

International Influencer Marketing Campaign

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