TV & Social Media Marketing For Jarir Bookstore

The Client

Jarir Bookstore  was looking to increase awareness and engagement towards the stores’ new home TV and laptop devices, MENABloom provided 360-degree content production through two marketing campaigns in an integrated two-episode series on the leading technology show, Mustaqbal Tech, to meet Jarir’s expectations, covering TV and social media influence.


  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing

The Work

MENABloom developed content for two TV segments at Mustaqbal Tech Show that airs on the SBC channel weekly with three repeats.

  • Social media coverage on different social media platforms, achieving great performance:
    • SBA’s Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram accounts.
    • Abdullah Alsabe’s Instagram and Twitter accounts (a tech influencer with a follower base of 6.6 million followers).

The Process

  • MENABloom coordinated the video production process, supporting the production company with accurate storyboards and shooting lists, including what Jarir specifically needed to broadcast in front of the camera.
  • The content team provided the eminent tech brand with unique TV content powered by Jarir Bookstore to spread awareness about Samsung TVs and Intel Evo laptops.
  • Through innovative practical trials in front of the camera, MENABloom showcased the important features in The Frame TV, The Serif TV, and The Sero TV from Samsung in episode 10, and the Intel Evo features in these laptops: HUWAEI MateBook X, HUWAEI Matebook 16s, and Asus Zenbook 14 OLED during episode 11.
  • MENABloom managed two social media campaigns that consisted of 16 posts and included two online competitions offering two of SBC’s viewers the chance to win two Samsung TVs in episode 10, and two Evo laptops in episode 11.
  • Jarir’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts were mentioned in all the social media posts, and the hashtags #Jarir and #JarirBookstore were used in all posts that MENABloom produced to be published during and after the two episodes.
  • Jarir gained extra exposure through a campaign using a new hashtag that was required to participate in the social Media competition segment: #مسابقة_مستقبلTech_مع_جرير.
  • The art team created a creative designed album for episode 10’s segment that showcased the main features of Samsung’s three TVs, and for episode 11’s segment, it created a unique infographic that explained the six conditions that any Intel Evo device should have.

The Results

Competition Participants

Abdullah Alsabea’s Results


Content Examples

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