The Client

Shein, an ecommerce platform, wanted to promote its kitchenware line – particularly during the Eid season – with relevant, engaging content while focusing on the objectives of – Creating a connection and communicating with Arab audiences through engaging content; Increasing awareness of its diverse product lines, particularly home and kitchen; and attracting new customers via a kitchen-focused personality, one who is well-known and a favorite of the target audience.

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SHEIN Cooking Video Production featuring Chef Deema

The Work

Influencer Marketing

  • Following in-depth research, MENA Bloom selected Chef Deema Hajjawi, who has a high engagement level and is trusted by a significant fanbase, hence making her ideal for the delivery of Shein’s brand message to its target audience.
  • To showcase Shein’s kitchen collection, gadgets, and tools, we chose the region’s favorite traditional Eid sweets, using them to attract and engage the audience.
  • MENA Bloom undertook end-to-end production of all related content, from scripting to shooting and final editing.

Baking Solutions!

MENABloom delivered three engaging and informative videos, following Chef Deema as she baked traditional sweets using Shein’s kitchen range. As part of the campaign, these videos were published on Chef Deema’s and Shein’s Instagram pages, creating interest and awareness, and garnering total views of 141,514. Watch the mouthwatering recipes and videos below.

The Process

  • The content Shein published on its social media platforms was more focused on its fashion line than its kitchenware, which meant there was minimal awareness when it came to its wide range of home and kitchen products.
  • To counter this, Shein set out to attract new consumers in the region, by endorsing a famous chef in such a way that would influence and create awareness of the brand, through the chef’s credible and trustworthy reputation.
process image

The Results





Examples of content delivered

SHEIN Cooking Video Production featuring Chef Deema
SHEIN Cooking Video Production featuring Chef Deema
SHEIN Cooking Video Production featuring Chef Deema