How to Cover Events on Social Media?

by | Jan 21, 2023 | MENABloom Blogs, Social Media Content Production

88% of marketing professionals admit to using social media in all aspects of event management, and that can show the importance of the event’s social media coverage, as its success affects your event effectively. Check MENABloom’s tips and tricks to accomplish this mission successfully by following 12 guidelines during each stage (before, during, and after the event).

Before Event

  1. Conduct an accurate analysis of similar and competing events in order to develop a strong plan based on statistics and extensive research.
  2. Make a list of  sponsors ,speakers, and influencers who are attending the event and that you can collaborate with to give your event extra exposure.
  3. Make sure you are familiar with their role, expertise and prepare your content plan ahead for the top targeted partners 
  4. Develop a good strategy based on your event’s agenda and objectives and match it with creative production ideas.
  5. Define your target audience, social media platforms, and tone of voice you will use to reach them in the right way.
  6. Finish your visual identity, slogan, tagline, and hashtags, and start using them heavily when announcing the event.
  7. If this is not the first version of your event, you have to make use of the previous versions by posting videos and photos that remind the audience of them.
  8. Be aware of all the information and data about the event, like the venue and date, and spread awareness about them.
  9. Use the event’s platforms to reach the event’s website by adding the landing page’s link to the captions to engage more delegates and attendees.
  10. Specify the promotion tactics that you will use to grab better recognition for your event, for example: ads, giveaways, influencer marketing campaigns, and early bird discounts.
  11. Reveal the highlights of your event, for example: the most important topics that will be discussed and the biographies of the eminent speakers and special guests that will attend.
  12. Share your preparations for the event with your audience to keep them up-to-date and make them excited.
  13. Post countdown reminders in stories, and remember that it’s ok if you have a slow posting calendar as long as it’s ready.
  14. Finally, remember to prepare your equipment for content creation ready. Don’t forget to charge your mobile and to make sure you have the right mic to use when conducting interviews.

During Event

  1. Build easy networking connections with the team members that will provide you with the material, such as the photographers, the videographers, the social media moderators, and the other mass media. Make sure that you can reach what you need in a short time.
  2. Keep your audience up to date with the event’s activities by posting photos, videos, and stories with exciting captions.
  3. Record live videos for the important moments to capture them, for example: the opening ceremony, the event’s president speech, the best discussions, the VIP arrivals, and the gala dinner.
  4. Use the related hashtags to let your posts reach a wider audience and to make it easier when you look for the event’s posts.
  5. Don’t forget to make your posts interactive, by including exciting quotes and CTAs.
  6. Be specific with what you showcase on the social media platforms; don’t have many posts without a unified direction.
  7. Post reminders to keep the audience ready for the upcoming activities, workshops, and sessions.
  8. Stay online. Try to respond to the comments, inquiries, and greetings as much as you can. We know that it’s not an easy mission, but let’s try!
  9. Ask the attendees to generate content related to the event by recording trendy videos on TikTok and Snapchat or using your photo booth.
  10. If you can have a special booth for the online attendees, it will be a perfect method to keep your audience feeling more involved during the event.
  11. Keep connected with your team members, and let the organizers imagine how your social media coverage will look to support you.
  12. Don’t waste the opportunity when a celebrity, public figure, or famous influencer participates in the event; mention their pages or accounts to make use of their large and active audience.

After Event

  1. Capitalize on those who have missed your event by offering virtual access to sessions after it’s over.
  2. Announce the winners of your promotions (scholarships, giveaways, etc.) to gain more credibility and trust.
  3. Post thank-you words to all who participated in the event; organizers, attendees, sponsors, and other partners.
  4. Create a content strategy to highlight your tremendous efforts from A to Z to impress your audience and partners.
  5. Share backstage photos and videos as they’re a favorite storytelling type for the social media audience.
  6. Work on a combined video that gives a glimpse of the most important highlights of the event.
  7. Gather feedback and testimonials from the participants, speakers, and guests about the event and its organization.
  8. Follow the TBT (Through Back Thursday) strategy, which entails posting past glimpses from your event to remind people of it.
  9. Be relevant, and don’t stop posting! Even if you won’t have a new version of the event in the near future, you can keep posting greetings on official occasions. Also, you can share the latest news relating to your event’s field.
  10. Create a quick poll to not only help you determine future ideas and audience popularity, but also to see your content moving forward by engaging them.
  11. Review and analyze your results. Look at the performance of different types of posts on each channel to gain insight for future event coverages.
  12. Focus on using LinkedIn to attract new clients, partners, and sponsors for your upcoming projects.

MENABloom will be managing the social media of many big events in 2023. If you are interested in giving your event more exposure through experts in social media management, you can contact us for more details.

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